Saturday, October 4, 2008

~*~The Donnow Family~*~

I had a total blast shooting for the Donnow Family!

What a great looking couple!
I loved this picture just from the "artistic" approach!
3 Beautiful Girls=)
I love love love this one!
Adorable brothers and sisters!!

This fella is so handsome and was great to work with!

Gorgeous Gal that's for sure!
Her blue eyes are gorgeous! I could have
shot her for a couple hours alone!
Her hands were dirty and she didn't like that! I love this picture:)
A good-looking father and son

Josh and Melissa have a very good looking family and I am thankful to have been a part of capturing a few moments in their lives! I had a total blast and I couldn't wait to get home and post process these pictures and post them!


Matthew Farnell said...

Nice pictures! My favorite is the one of just the couple, and second favorite is of the father and son. Seems like you're getting to do quite a few photo shoots - that's cool!

Katie Wilson said...

Wow these are gorgeous!! The third to last is my favorite. =D She's adorable!