Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More engagement pictures!

Wow with soooo many pictures!! Literally over 300-I had a really hard time picking which pictures to post. To be honest they were all pretty amazing-so it was hard to pick! So with that said this is a really really long post:) I hope you enjoy!!!
I think this first one looks so old timey newspaperish!!!

I think this picture is pretty cool myself:-)

As we were walking along the beach...they started writing a "love" note to each other! Oh so cute-- "I Love You!"

ok so here goes the fun! I asked Jesse to stand behind Colette and jump for joy...and before I knew it...well you'll see as the pictures go!

I love love love Colette's expression here! It's like..."oh my goodness is he going to make it!!!" haha

and he makes it!! Jesse you've got talent!
These next two...well lets just say they are on my top favorites list!!!

I seriously think this should be in a magazine...somewhere...somehow!!

I love the arches and the texture!

I've said it once but I'll say it again...you two are amazing! I loved shooting every picture of y'all!

Haha! The all time favorite...face game!!!
This is the "I ran a red light face!!!!"
Can you see how much fun they had...I had...we had!! wow!
Well and this one...yeah it's the runaway bride:)

The lens flare is sweet in this picture!
Last but certainly not least! This definitely has a story behind it. So I'm sitting down changing out my lens and I hear Colette- "hey Erin look...this is the girls bathroom and boys bathroom" I died laughing! (in case you don't get it...it's their shadows that look like the bathroom symbols) So yeah we had to get this picture!

Once again you two are AmAZinG!!!!!! Thank you for the fun and letting me be a part of helping make your memories last a life time!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hannah- Fall 2008

Hannah! This is my absolute favorite picture:) The whole time I was "shooting" her she was so intrigued with the hay or her beautiful dress!
Hannah Susanne - 4 months old

::a little look at my life in november::

The month of November started out by going to visit a wonderful friend and her family in North Carolina! We had a blast...from late nights, coffee, shopping, symphony, down town Charlotte, playing duets, sharing ideas, picnics, kayaking, chatting, laughing, meeting her family, laughing some more and having a great time full of memories! I only posted a few pictures! Abby, Erin and Chris
Picnic and kayaking!
coffee and shopping!! woohoo

My church just finished up a week of revival meetings, where it was awesome to see God work in my life and others as well. I'm thankful I still serve a God who is real and still on the throne!
ONE of my many best friends:) Was able to make it one night, so we got a quick picture! Love ya Amber!
Amber & Erin
Jeremiah, Granna and Papa at revival=) I love this picture!!!!
So then I have add some cute pictures of my adorable niece ~Hannah! and....my handsome man Jeremiah!!!
Hannah loves loves loves her bath time
Jeremiah "reading" a new book! He is already 6.5 months old and growing up so fast! He's starting to pull up on his own and scoot- so he will be taking off soon!!
Such a cutie-
I love her beautiful blue eyes! She's already 4 months old and rolling over, standing up and so beautiful!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SCHEF Yearbook pictures