Monday, August 31, 2009

Just for Fun| Erin Rachel Photography

So my weekend in Albuquerque was quite a flying trip. I landed on Friday afternoon around 3pm. Got settled into the room, all the while catching up with old friends. We freshened up and headed to the wedding rehearsal. On our way "home" we were "hungry" know one of those nights where you're really not hungry but you just want to eat? Yeh...well it was one of those, so we got a quick bite, headed back to the hotel and sat out on the deck laughed, talked, ate, the guys jumped in the pool...
then I headed to bed I knew the next day was going to be Looon-g!
We slept for as long as possible and woke up by the alarm clock- aka not my friend:)
The girls had to be at the church for 9am
and that started the day which didn't end until 5:00ish.
It was now time to have fun and relax! I tagged along with the Brownfield Family- such great folks! We ended up eating at the best BBQ place in Albuquerque- ribs that were pretty dangerous...and oh so good. It was a great place, I just don't even know the name of it:-)
Then we headed to Old Town Albuquerque and walked around the town square and wondered in and out of the quaint shops. There were a few of those stores that you walk in and say hmmm this is nothing but junk, turn it around and it's "Made in China"
Once it got dark we headed back to the hotel room...Eden (a bridesmaid in the wedding) and I were so tired...that we ended up staying up til midnight talking:) Good memories!
Sunday morning at 6am my alarm clock woke me up again to get ready to come home:)
My last flight was the best! I ended up seeing and flying home with two great friends. I knew they were in Texas for the weekend but never dreamed I would see them and sit by them on the way home!!!!! Great time to catch up:-)

Anyway just a recap of my if you needed all the details!!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Albuquerque,NM 2009 | Erin Rachel Photography

Just a sneak preview of this awesome weekend out in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
So I have to say this couple is absolutely stunning...amazing...sweet...kind and IN LOVE!
Albuquerque has been amazing!
Seeing great friends
Making new friends
Enjoying great weather
Eating yummy food
Having long deep conversations
More to come:-) and yes the yellow bus has a story behind it! I think it made for some incredible pictures:-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

be Inspired | Basic Photography Workshop| Erin Rachel Photography

be Inspired
Basic Photography Workshop
I have been overwhelmed...amazed...and excited with the response to the workshop.
When I was given the opportunity to teach at the Homeschool Cottage of course I jumped in with both feet.
I love teaching, seeing others learn, answering questions, making new friends, helping others and having fun.
My goal with the classes?
be Inspired
Whether it's for personal use, hobby, business...I want you to be inspired to take better pictures
learn how to use your camera and learn what makes a good image.
The first workshop filled up with in a matter of days...the second workshop is full and the third is quickly on the way to being full!!! Amazed is what I am :)
the first class was incredible...I had so much fun...everyone was so relaxed...
We started with about 15 minutes of "classroom" time then quickly went out on a project.
Came back in for some more class room time...had another quick project...more classroom time then headed to the park for a picnic lunch with more projects to work on. As well as to answer any questions and have some hands on time. They were busy working! I took as many pictures I could take!!! Between helping and loading pictures and eating!!! Yummy Black Eyed Pea Salad...hey don't knock it till you try it!!! It's soooooo delicious...thanks to Mrs. Kimberly who introduced us to it! Anyway...a few action shots
Who is the workshop for? Anyone, all ages, that has a camera and wants to know how to use it, how to take better pictures, have fun and come with a smile!!!!
Email or call me today to get into the next class.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jeremiah | Erin Rachel Photography

I figured I should post again on my blog seeing that the last few posts have been boring!
With school starting back for everyone and my schedule is back to normal teaching, it's been nice to have a week or so that is slow!
I am gearing up for Fall/ Christmas pictures though so keep your eye out for some specials coming soon.
In the meantime last week I was able to spend lots of fun time with my nephew. His mom and dad went to a pastor's conference for a week and we had the fun of keeping him!
I know my mom did most of the work, because I was teaching, so I just got to do the playing part with him, it was still fun! He is growing up so fast!
I love the fact that he is ALL boy!
Loves his
lawn mowers
and being outside!
He is sooooo busy! Constantly on the move:-)
My favorite here...although he looks half grown!
Such a little man
Then cousin Hannah came over to play!
The end!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ballerina Mini Sessions | Erin Rachel Photography

Let's Celebrate Back to School!!! These are great gifts for grandparents and Christmas is coming up!!!!
Ballerina Mini Sessions!
--- 20 minute shoot
--- a Hi-res CD with ALL of the images
$10.00 print credit
--- online gallery where you can order professional quality prints
--- online slideshow to share with family and friends
All for only $40.00!!!

When? Saturday September 12, 2009
Where? Fairview Riverside State Park in Madisonville, LA's awesome!

Email or call today!!!!!!!!!!!
Forward this onto all of your friends!! Help me get the word out:) :)
For each referred friend that books a session you receive $5.00 print credit!
Tutus and Pearls provided!!!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Expecting? Free newborn session | Erin Rachel Photography

This special is for those who are expecting! So I KNOW that some of you aren't but I figured you might know of someone that is and could pass the information along.
It's a deal you wouldn't want to pass up!!!


For more information call or email me!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hannah 12 Months | Erin Rachel Photography

Where does the time go?
I can't believe we celebrated a year already with my niece Hannah!
If you ask her "How old is Hannah?" This is the answer:)
We had fun during the shoot but she had been sick the day before so I don't think she was feeling all too good.
She had a few melt downs...which still called for cute pictures
with gorgeous backlighting!!!!
But for the most part she was H-A-P-P-Y
Beautiful family with #2 on the way!!! (Auntie Erin here is excited:-)
I saved the best for last:) This is my favorite! But don't miss the slideshow
with more favorites:) I seriously wish I could tell you the story behind each picture
and why I captured it! As a photographer each picture has it's special story!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stevie Cay | Erin Rachel photography

I would like for everyone to meet my new "assistant"!!!
Stevie aka as the MOST awesome assistant...sorry to make you other photographers jealous:)
Not only is she going to fit into Erin Rachel Photography perfectly...
she's quite beautiful on the inside and out:)
This was by no means a planned photo shoot but those are the best:)
I laughed and said "I know if you had known this you wouldn't have worn what you had would have made sure the makeup was just right..." You know what it's just a girl thing!
But oh well we had fun and got some gorgeous images...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Alexis & Kyle with Mom | Erin Rachel Photography

What a beautiful morning...beautiful sunshine...and beautiful people!
The Lord always blesses me with beautifulness:)
Can you tell?!?!?!
We have had this shoot set up for a couple of weeks and with ALL of the rain we have been got cancelled...and cancelled again...and again and FINALLY we had no rain:) My heart was happy:)
I have had my eye on this old vacant house for sometime and was super excited to be able to actually go there:)
This image of Mr. Handsome to me is absolutely s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g!
and Mr. Handsome again:)
I love capturing people for who they are and what they are!
I feel like that is sooo important as a photographer and since I know this family...
in my opinion the images are them:)
as she was looking around for bugs I snapped this lovely picture!
isn't she gorgeous and takes after her mom!!!
As always I have THE hardest time picking out which pictures to "showcase"! So you can see the rest of the love-ly-ness on the slideshow!!!

P.S. upcoming post of my assistant is coming...she helped me post and pick the pictures out!!