Monday, January 26, 2009's been on my list of things to do...

You know how we all make lists of things to do...and well the very last thing we mark off we usually say "well it's been on my list of things to do now for a week"...well yeh mine has been to update my blog! I'm sorry I left you all for so long:) This month I haven't had any photo shoots scheduled, so there hasn't been any pictures to post but keep an eye out for February and March. I have two weddings, two engagements and 45+ basketball teams to shoot!!!

Please help me welcome what I have added to my collection of photography stuff...
So first of all I am madly in love with my new Canon 24-70mm 2.8L lens! I was always told you will LOVE this lens...well I hate to admit it but it's true.
I have a new lighting system for the basketball and cheerleading teams as well as the players individual pictures...I am amazed at how much light this gives off and how awesome it is!!! So the set-up is the umbrella, stand and I have added another Canon 580 EX II speedlite!
Now I have to show you some pictures I took with my new lens!
So I woke up one morning and saw this sunrise and I couldn't resist...pretty sweet huh?

I will leave you all with a few more pictures from my life in January...
I finally have pictures with my niece Hannah...
and my nephew,Jeremiah...
In January my awesome Aunt and Uncle came down from north Alabama to visit and to go to the sugarbowl...yeh well my uncle is an Alabama fan but we love him anyway!!! This is my mom's sister so we got a few fun pictures of the two of them before it started raining on us:)
Some of you may not know but my actual full time job is teaching piano... I teach 45 kids piano every week and I love everyone of here's a sneak peek at most of them from the Christmas recital!
I also had a Christmas Caroling and Gingerbread House party with some of my students...oh my word was that a blast and a half!!!!

anyway...I'll be back soon:)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Duffy Family

Can I just say ADORABLE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!Photobucket
What about SWEET?!?!?!?!
How about I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
How about some more!!!!...catch the show below:):):):)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

:::Roy Family:::

Where do I begin?
What do I say?
How can I say it?

The answer to these questions are:::WOW!!!!!

My wonderful friend Melissa and I were having a "coffee date" about two weeks ago when she asked me if I would shoot some family pictures for them. Everyone was going to be in town for Christmas and for her brothers wedding. So having everybody together at one time and one place would be the perfect time...and also a challenge! I was excited and ready for the challenge! I knew there would be a total of 13...I knew it would be a blast...the weather was perfect...and I knew they would pick the perfect place:)
This is one amazing family! To see them all work together, goof off, laugh, joke, be serious, help each other, have fun, respect each other, make another one smile (and the list goes on) is awesome! I don't think I've ever laughed so much on a photo shoot! You guys are great:)
SamBug, as they call him, is a trooper! Being the youngest of 10 kids, boy did he get picked on! I had lots of help getting the "perfect" smile out of him!!! He doesn't have a chance!!!!!
I want to thank all of these guys (except Sam which I am sure one day will!!) for serving our country! Thank you for your sacrifice to God and our country.
Can you tell how much fun they had! I had...we had!!! There are so many great and awesome pictures, it was soooo hard to decide which ones to post. That's why the slideshow is super long and fun!!!
Last but not least! Congratulations to David and Michelle on their upcoming marriage (actually it's today!!!).