Saturday, January 16, 2010

One-on-One Session with Michelle | Erin Rachel Photography

So I get a phone call sometime in November-ish from Michelle's husband
David asking opinions on cameras. He wanted to buy Michelle
a good camera so I gave my opinions and basically just said
"whatever you do buy Canon" :-) This was the best advice I could give!!!!
He asked about me spending
some time with Michelle showing her how to use her camera
and all of the ins and outs. Since they live in Huntsville, AL she
wouldn't be around to take a workshop, so I said absolutely YES!
He called me back a few weeks later saying he had gotten her
Two thumbs up for David:-) He bought her a great camera, surprised
her for Christmas and even went a step further with this session!

Michelle called me two days after Christmas all excited and totally
surprised at her camera! We set up a day to get together for
a few hours.

Little did we know that the Wednesday we met a PJ's Coffee house
that it would be freezing cold and rainy and cloudy! But hey we
can't control everything right!
We grabbed a cup of coffee and hot chocolate and went to work:-)
So after spending a couple hours going through composing a picture,
to how to use her settings etc. We headed outside to a nearby church
that has a huge covering over the front and worked on a few

Michelle walked away shooting in manual mode:-)
So proud of her!!! Keep it up girl!
Thanks for such an awesome session!



Christie said...

Aww! and Shell's so cute when she's taking pictures!