Sunday, May 2, 2010

Basic Photography Workshop #6 | Erin Rachel Photography

Last weekend I had the privilege to teach 7 aspiring photographers
the Basic Photography Workshop at the Home School Cottage in Slidell.
If you know me at all, I am totally in my element when it comes to teaching.
I love every minute of it!
I love sharing knowledge, seeing others learn and most of all establishing
new friendships! I love people:-)

We had a great 4 hours full of hands on projects, class time and of course
answering a bunch of questions!
If I could show you all of their images from their projects you would probably
be amazed! I know I was. This workshop was full of creativity from top to bottom.

We dodged the rain the whole morning and it looked like it was going to
start pouring a.n.y. minute. Sooo...obviously the park is not the most ideal
place to go take pictures:-) I didn't want to have to worry about
camera equipment getting rained on....that would so not have been cool!
So we hopped over to a run down gas station.
Yep you heard me right, a run down gas station!!! It was a cool place!
We had lots of detail, texture, fun and cover just incase it started
raining. It never did rain, just had to deal with the wind but hey that's
better than being soaking wet:-)
Below are a couple of pictures that won the
contest in our hands on projects:
Congrats to Grayson for winning the "fill the frame" project!
Congrats to Alicia for winning the "thirds" project!!!
Congrats to Stacey for "picture of the day". I loved the randomness of it:-)
Thanks for a great workshop! Y'all were and are amazing!
Keep up the good work and practice:-)

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