Monday, November 24, 2008

::a little look at my life in november::

The month of November started out by going to visit a wonderful friend and her family in North Carolina! We had a blast...from late nights, coffee, shopping, symphony, down town Charlotte, playing duets, sharing ideas, picnics, kayaking, chatting, laughing, meeting her family, laughing some more and having a great time full of memories! I only posted a few pictures! Abby, Erin and Chris
Picnic and kayaking!
coffee and shopping!! woohoo

My church just finished up a week of revival meetings, where it was awesome to see God work in my life and others as well. I'm thankful I still serve a God who is real and still on the throne!
ONE of my many best friends:) Was able to make it one night, so we got a quick picture! Love ya Amber!
Amber & Erin
Jeremiah, Granna and Papa at revival=) I love this picture!!!!
So then I have add some cute pictures of my adorable niece ~Hannah! handsome man Jeremiah!!!
Hannah loves loves loves her bath time
Jeremiah "reading" a new book! He is already 6.5 months old and growing up so fast! He's starting to pull up on his own and scoot- so he will be taking off soon!!
Such a cutie-
I love her beautiful blue eyes! She's already 4 months old and rolling over, standing up and so beautiful!!