Monday, February 23, 2009

Facebook...The new rave

So if you already have facebook...let me guess you're addicted?!?!
If you don't have facebook...let me guess you're wondering what the big deal about it is?!?!?!
I've had my facebook profile for over two years and it seems like in the past few months it has become more and more popular! It's so fun to connect with old friends, catch up with friends, and connect with new friends...So if you're not my friend you should be!!!!
Erin Wilson's Facebook profile
I had to laugh when I read this!!! I can't say this is all true for myself because I find myself not having much time for facebook...but this is sooooo true of most people that have/use facebook!!!

20 Reaons You know you are addicted to Facebook:

1-You check your Facebook page before having your first cup of coffee

2-You are spending more time changing your status update than actually doing anything worth commenting on.

3-You start using Facebook as a verb. As in "I'm going to "Facebook" so and so or I was "Facebooking" last night.

4-If you interrupt an actual conversation that you are having with a person and tell them "you know what, why don't I just "Facebook" you later...

5-Every time you take a picture you wonder if it is going to be Facebook worthy.

6-You plan all of your social activities on Facebook instead of using the phone.

7-You feel you might need therapy because someone you barely knew 20 years ago won't accept you as a friend.

8-You get mortally offended if no one responds to the clever quote it took you 20 minutes to come up with.

9-You actually click the Wall To Wall on other peoples' pages because you absolutely have to know the entire conversation they were having.

10-You are looking forward to your birthday for the first time in years because you want to see how many wall posts you will get that day. Which then leads to....

11-Getting angry at people who didn't wish you a Happy Birthday because "C''s on Facebook!...There is no excuse for forgetting!"

12-Instead of looking forward to your vacation, you are more worried about what you are going to miss on your computer while you are gone. Which then leads to....

13-Completely changing your cell phone plan and your cell phone because your current one doesn't have access to Facebook.

14-You only check your email to see if you have an update on Facebook.

15-You suddenly have 200 emails in your inbox and they are all Facebook updates. Which then leads to...

16-Spending two hours going through each email making sure you didn't miss anything when you checked your profile page. Which then leads to....

17-Feeling horrendously guilty that you didn't immediately respond to a comment someone left for you 2 days ago. How could you possibly have missed it?

18-If your Facebook wall looks like it is covered with graffiti because you have so many applications on it.

19-Your usual bedtime is now two hours later than it has been in years.

20-As soon as you meet someone the first thing you do is go home and "Facebook" them.


Anonymous said...

AMEN!! LOVE IT!! I don't see how you can keep up a blog, face, smug....geeze! you over acheiver, multitasker. LOL miss you and LOVE my PICTURES!! I got them all back--now that is what I call destiny!

LOVE ALWAYS!! Tammy Heagy, your best cheerleader