Thursday, October 22, 2009

Am I still alive?!?!?!

So the question is am I still alive?!?!?!
Have I stopped blogging?!?!?!
My life and schedule have been so crazy and so full
of great stuff that I can't wait to share it with y'all!!!
So all of that to say I'm here and there are some
amazing sessions that I will be blogging this weekend!
I also have another Basic Photography Class I'm teaching this Saturday so keep your eye for another amazing group of aspiring photographers.
Anyway I'll leave you with a picture from my amazing trip to Oklahoma this past weekend.
This is me with my new addiction: boba tea aka bubble tea...pretty amazing in my opinion!!!

Anyway I have officially blogged at 12:01 AM...yes AM so that's totally against my rules:-)


Christie said...

Ooh, if there are more pictures, please leave them! I haven't seen a new picture of Melissa in ages :)

Erin Rachel said...

Yes Christie!!! you'll be seeing some amazing pictures coming up!!!! I will leave it as a surprise:-)