Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sneak Peek...with two cute kiddos!

I am on a mini vacation for three days with my family in Destin, FL.
It's just three days, but I will take three days anytime!
While here I had a fun time with the Speights Family yesterday evening!
We had amazing sunlight, beautiful beaches and a beautiful family!
That whole mix equals amazing-ness!!!

Believe me there is more to come from this session!!
Check back soon...I have several session to catch you up on:-)


Emanuele Dal Canto said...

Anonymous said...

Did you know that we might have a "God - part" in oru brain?

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Now she's singing songs, talking up a storm, counting to ten,
singing her ABC's, recognizing her letters, coloring, eating her favorite... M&M's,
giving hugs and kisses, running around playing chase...
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