Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Alexis & Kyle with Mom | Erin Rachel Photography

What a beautiful morning...beautiful sunshine...and beautiful people!
The Lord always blesses me with beautifulness:)
Can you tell?!?!?!
We have had this shoot set up for a couple of weeks and with ALL of the rain we have been getting...it got cancelled...and cancelled again...and again and FINALLY we had no rain:) My heart was happy:)
I have had my eye on this old vacant house for sometime and was super excited to be able to actually go there:)
This image of Mr. Handsome to me is absolutely s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g!
and Mr. Handsome again:)
I love capturing people for who they are and what they are!
I feel like that is sooo important as a photographer and since I know this family...
in my opinion the images are them:)
as she was looking around for bugs I snapped this lovely picture!
isn't she gorgeous and takes after her mom!!!
As always I have THE hardest time picking out which pictures to "showcase"! So you can see the rest of the love-ly-ness on the slideshow!!!

P.S. upcoming post of my assistant is coming...she helped me post and pick the pictures out!!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. These are truly beautiful children inside and out.