Monday, August 31, 2009

Just for Fun| Erin Rachel Photography

So my weekend in Albuquerque was quite a flying trip. I landed on Friday afternoon around 3pm. Got settled into the room, all the while catching up with old friends. We freshened up and headed to the wedding rehearsal. On our way "home" we were "hungry" know one of those nights where you're really not hungry but you just want to eat? Yeh...well it was one of those, so we got a quick bite, headed back to the hotel and sat out on the deck laughed, talked, ate, the guys jumped in the pool...
then I headed to bed I knew the next day was going to be Looon-g!
We slept for as long as possible and woke up by the alarm clock- aka not my friend:)
The girls had to be at the church for 9am
and that started the day which didn't end until 5:00ish.
It was now time to have fun and relax! I tagged along with the Brownfield Family- such great folks! We ended up eating at the best BBQ place in Albuquerque- ribs that were pretty dangerous...and oh so good. It was a great place, I just don't even know the name of it:-)
Then we headed to Old Town Albuquerque and walked around the town square and wondered in and out of the quaint shops. There were a few of those stores that you walk in and say hmmm this is nothing but junk, turn it around and it's "Made in China"
Once it got dark we headed back to the hotel room...Eden (a bridesmaid in the wedding) and I were so tired...that we ended up staying up til midnight talking:) Good memories!
Sunday morning at 6am my alarm clock woke me up again to get ready to come home:)
My last flight was the best! I ended up seeing and flying home with two great friends. I knew they were in Texas for the weekend but never dreamed I would see them and sit by them on the way home!!!!! Great time to catch up:-)

Anyway just a recap of my if you needed all the details!!!!!