Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miss Allie & her Personality! | Wedding, Senior & Portrait Photography

As I'm getting ready for church on Sunday morning
I missed a phone call from Allie's mom.
As I'm driving I listen to the voicemail...
All I could do was smile and know that clients
like her make me love my "job" even more. When she
calls just to say how much she loved the session and can't wait
to see the pictures! AND that her other two friends that
had a session with me had called her that same day
saying how much fun they had and loved it!
Ahhhh...yes! yes! That made me happy!!!

Miss Allie and I had a great time, talking, dancing, playing, discovering new things, picking flowers, laughing and having fun all while capturing great memories!
I absolutely love this picture, I think it's "so her"...
that is, from what little time I have spent with Allie:-)
Yeh I know you've already seen this next one from the sneak peek...
but it's still one of my favorites!
Sometimes I walk away from a session wondering what I actually
captured...if anything came out good...if I'll be happy with it...
if my clients will fall in love with their pictures...if I connected with them...
I wonder if I'm normal since I actually think all of those things...
Then I get home, load everything, back it up and start browsing through the files...
Then I am literally shocked by what I find!!!
Allie you are super sweet and so much fun!
I can't wait until next time:-)

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