Thursday, April 15, 2010

We know what today is! | Erin Rachel Photography

Yep it's April 15th...Tax day!
I never like paying taxes...when you work hard for your money and then
you have to pay so much of it back. Yeh pretty much makes me want
to buy 10 acres in the middle of no-where...
build a log cabin...not work and live off of my land!
Ok Ok Ok...I don't think I could ever do that but
you know, hopefully you've gotten my point!
Anyway! A gi-normous thank you to my "book-keeper" for
all of his help! (my dad is pretty amazing!!!) I couldn't have done
it without all seriousness!
Thanks dad for putting up with my grumpiness of answering questions...
my delays in getting things rounded up for you to start helping me...
Dad, thanks for everything, you know how to "get-er done!!!"
It's a great feeling when the check is written and the papers are sent!
One more year down...hopefully many more to go!
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