Friday, April 30, 2010

Photo Talk Monday | Erin Rachel Photography

This past Monday I hosted the second Photo date.
I love it...we are building a community of photographers whether it's a hobby, an
amateur or professional photographer it's for everyone!

We started with question and answer time.
A couple of topics from the night were...
1-Lenses...why there are really expensive lenses and then some cheap ones:-)
2-Which lens is a good all around lens.
3-How come my point and shoot takes so long to save the picture
before I can snap another one!!!! (I am sure many
of you have that question!)
4-Camera settings and different scenarios to use these settings in
5-Photo critique

Of course these topics create discussion which leads to more questions!

This month each individual is working on specific projects that are
personal to them, and I can't wait to see their images!

Plan on joining us next month at
on Monday May 24th at 7pm!
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