Thursday, December 4, 2008

BRANDON + Camera = Fun!!!!

Wow! Brandon was so much fun to "shoot"! We chatted along the way...laughed...cut up...found some really cool spots to "shoot" at...became friends...and next time we have a date=) to Marble Slab!!!! Good times...

I am totally in love with this black and white! I think it has awesome contrast...but thats just my opinion!!!

I have had my eye on this red barn for awhile now, so when Brandon's mom asked me to "shoot" his pictures I knew exactly where we were headed!!! Little did I know he would wear the perfect sweater to go with the red!!!

I love love love all of these...The colors made for an awesome photo shoot...

Brandon I had a blast with you! Thanks for being awesome and having fun...I can't wait until next time!!! :-)


Matthew Farnell said...

Nice pictures. Sounds like you guys had a blast! My favorite shot is the second one under your "handsome" note. :-) He just looks so natural and the light/contrast is really cool! Sounds like you've been keeping busy with photo shoots lately!!