Thursday, July 30, 2009

Music Camp | Erin Rachel Photography

As many of you know I also have a private music studio where I currently have 47 students enrolled in piano lessons.
I absolutely love all of these kiddos!
Last week was Piano Camp and we do a ton of fun things! It was a crazy busy week but a crazy fun week at the same time.
Each day consisted of large group activities, team activities, fun, individual worksheets, learning to play the recorder, more fun, eating a yummy snack, painting a "musical" canvas, having fun, naming notes, counting out rhythms, writing rhythms, earning money to spend at the music market at the end of the week, laughing, dressing up for crazy hat day, mix match day, all red day and free day!
I am of the opinion that learning should be fun! Can you tell?!?!??!
I love all of the creativity these kids have! It's amazing and fun:)
Anyway I thought I would share a few pictures! I took as many pictures as I could in between teaching!! It's kind of hard and becomes a juggling act!!!
I think this was the major highlight of the week for all of the students! They worked so hard on their paintings! They turned out fabulous!
Crazy Hat Day- there were definitely some crazy hats! Feathers, watches, hangers, toilet paper, cheerios, glitter!!!
The Last day when the canvases were finished and beautiful!!!
What an awesome group!
A big thanks goes to Leah my assistant, whom is a student of mine! I couldn't have done it without her:) Also a HUMONGOUS thank you to my parents for letting me turn the house into a camp:)


feuza said...

Wow, what great work, spending time with these kids! love the canvasses