Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fall and Christmas Family Portraits- mini sessions | Erin Rachel Photography

--Fall and Christmas Portraits--
It's time to start thinking of Christmas Pictures!
Sessions will be held in Mandeville at Fairview Riverside State Park on Oct. 31st and Nov. 14th. If you would like a different location i.e. your home, another park etc. please contact me for pricing and to set up a day/time.
Below are the dates and times available:

Email me if you have any questions or to book your session.
Pass the information along!!! spread the word!

November 14
9:30 McWilliams
10:00 Hunt
10:30 Weber

2:00 Lyman
2:30 Lyman
3:00 Orazio
3:30 Lockwood
4:00 Deckwa
4:30 DeMeyere

Choose from three Collections:

Collection #1- $50.00
30 min. session
3 Hi-Res images on DVD
$10.00 Print Credit
Online Proofing Gallery
Online Slideshow to share with family and friends

Collection #2- $75.00
30 minute session
10- Hi Res images on DVD
$20.00 Print Credit
Online Proofing Gallery
Online Slideshow to share with family and friends

Collection #3- $100.00
30 minute session
ALL Hi Res images on DVD
$30.00 Print Credit
Online Proofing Gallery
Online Slideshow to share with family and friends

*Each package is for one family unit
Images on DVD will have copyright permission. Collection 1 and 2 you will choose the pictures you want.

Would you like a free session?
Simply leave a comment on my blog telling me one of your families favorite traditions around the holidays. (Thanksgiving or Christmas)
I will draw for a winner on October 1st. The winner will receive Collection #1 for Free.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist this opportunity Erin to share. Each Christmas Eve my beautiful daughters dress in their matching Christmas pajamas and cozy socks. We all have a cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmellows. The marshmellows are the most important! (So my kids think!) We turn on the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree and snuggle together. My husband video tapes me reading to my children. We start with the classic book, "Twas the Night Before Christmas." Upon the completion of this book we move on to the most important gift. I read the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. My children listen quietly as I read each word. We discuss the true meaning of Christmas. We talk about giving to others and what a rewarding feeling it is to share gifts with family, friends, and those in need. This is a very special moment for me as a mother. I have the opportunity to share the Savior with my girls. We even sing Happy Birthday to Jesus! After we have our story time we enjoy another special tradition. Each year we decorate a tree that is in addition to our family tree. This Christmas tree is in memory of my mother. We call it the "Memory Tree". This tree is decorated the theme in which my mother decorated her tree. We dress it with angels and memorial ornaments for her. We talk about the special things we remember and how exciting it will be the day we are reunited. We share pictures of her and I explain to my girls that Maw Maw is having a very special birthday party for Jesus this night. These traditions are very special to my daughters and I. Not only does it remind us why we celebrate the season but also to remember those we miss. These are the gifts I am thankful for. No ribbon or expensive paper needed. It's not necessary to run from store to store looking for the perfect gift when it's right there in your heart.

Sara said...

wow, what a wonderful idea!!! we have so many wonderful family traditions around the holiday. the one that i remember with the fondest memories is making gingerbread houses together as a family (the jenkins clan). It would be an all day process of cutting out the parts, baking, building the houses and then each person decorating his/her own as imaginations ran wild. We have attempted on a smaller scale now that all of us sisters have families, but I so love and remeber those wonderful treasure of the gingerbread houses and all the amazing family time and memories we shared together!!

Carla Lagarde said...

Hi Erin...what a fun contest! It is exciting to think about the holidays in August...such anticipation! My favorite Christmas tradition has always been choosing our tree. As a child, my family would go to the tree farm several days before Thanksgiving and search for the perfect tree...then we would tag it and tell it to stay pretty for us! After Thanksgiving, once the house was ready, we would drive out in our truck (or van) and cut down our tree, complete with our own saw and a hay ride on the back of a trailer pulled by a tractor. We loved this! My husband and I began this same tradition with our own family. He was deployed to Iraq last year and one of my very best friends helped us get a tree from a local farmer's market. We are so looking forward to Christmas and traditions this year...especially the tree!

Stacey said...

Well, let's see . . . my sister Sara stole my entry idea so now I have to think of another tradition!! My family LOVES the holidays!! We like to get our decorations up as early as possible. Sometimes this even means that we are digging boxes out of the attic on Thanksgiving!! I still instist that we get our own LIVING tree. I'm not about to put a fake tree up - it has to smell like Christmas. We grew up cutting down our own trees and I cherish the memories of picking our own trees each year!!

Christie said...

On Christmas Eve, we're almost always together as a family. So wedo something fun together and play a game, or watch a movie (often A Christmas Carol). Then, the youngest kids all rush to put on their pajamas and listen to Daddy reading "A Night Before Christmas" (having already done the Advent Calendar)--and then they rush off to bed and go to sleep so Santa Claus can come. :)

Kala said...

Wow, a tough one to choose...But I think my favorite is Christmas Eve. Spending all day making cookies for Christmas Day, then after the Christmas Eve service driving everywhere looking at the lights (so much fun with little ones!). When we get home we sing happy birthday to Jesus and eat birthday cake and read the Christmas Story-the true meaning of Christmas. Then we get to open our one gift which is always Christams pajama's and a homemade Christmas pillowcase. Even though I always knew what it was, it was still exciting :) Then getting to be with all the extended family on Christmas day. It's rare that we can all get together. I'm so glad I can pass these things on to my kids. Even though we might have to have a small Christmas, it's the real meaning that matters and I'm glad I can instill that early. Plus I'll take all the family activities over presents any day! :)

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that my favorite Christmas Tradition is the one that my husband and I started with our children. We started this tradition when our oldest child was 2, she is 7 now. On Christmas Eve Night after we have been busy running around all day visiting with family and friends and we finally settle back in at home a mysterious knock comes at the door. We always let the children answer it. To their surprise there is no one there just a package with a note from Santa. In the package is always the same thing, PJs, slippers, and a robe. The note says something like. I stopped by but you were still awake (because we all know how hard it is to go to sleep Christmas Eve). It's time to put on your pjs and get to bed. I'll be back really soon. Merry Christmas! Love, Santa. After that they are so excited and anxious that we all sit together as a family and read the True Christmas Story from Luke. I know that some people may disagree with the whole Santa image but we feel that you can still enjoy the excitement of Santa and Rejoice in the Reason for the Season at the same time. Christmas is about Love and God sent us the ultimate gift of Love when he sent his son. I love being able to enjoy and teach my children about Christ.