Tuesday, September 22, 2009

be Inspired | Basic Photography Workshop

9.19.09...an amazing day
...amazing people
...amazing images
...amazingly fun:-)
Can I just say that it was an amazing day!!!
It's always fun for me to meet new people, because I love people! I am known as the social butterfly in my family! Nothing makes me happier than being with people.
I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to teach this second basic photography class. Seeing people learn and enjoy what they are doing is such a reward to me. That's why I love teaching.
The day started off at the Home School Cottage in Slidell. A quick introduction of myself,
then everyone else...we all became friends and went straight to the first project!
I want to share a few of the pictures that won the contests at the workshop.
Our first project of the morning was to "Fill the Frame"- they had 10 minutes to go outside and capture 5 images that were "fill the frame". We all voted and this image won!!!
Congratulations to Mrs. Debbie who won!!!
The second project of the morning was "Thirds". Again they had 10 minutes to go outside and find 5 images with a subject placed on a third. After the final vote...Mrs. Kim won!!!
Seeing these images make me super happy!
After more class time we packed up and headed to the park for one last project!
Picture of the Day! Here are three pictures from different students:-)
Simply Incredible!!!
Check out this good looking group:-)
The next class is FULL!!! If anyone is interested in the next class (date not yet scheduled) please email me for more details!