Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Day Challenges and Results!!!

Today was fun...very enlightening and that goes without a pun!
I came to intern with Christina owner of Bride Inspired to learn more about lighting techniques.
Will I use flash all the time? NO! Will I use it some? YES!
I've always been turned off of using flash because it's used in soooo many wrong ways and I really don't like that. Honestly another reason I haven't used it in the past is I was scared of it and scared of using it the wrong way. So we spent the morning going over settings, off camera flash, umbrellas, reflectors, available light, bouncing light, diffusing light etc.
After lunch we talked about posing and view of the face, as well as watching where the shadows fall and what is most flattering.
Then I had to put it to practice...yes...yes...the hard part!
She set up a model,Krystan, to come and let me learn hands on. She was a trooper! Whew I can't imagine being in her shoes working with me. At first I was overwhelmed, frustrated yet I knew I could tackle this project. First we set up the lighting as if I were studio shooting...then Krystan and I hit the streets of Manitou Springs, Colorado.
So let me show you...
So that's all friends! I made it through my photo critique this morning, sometimes that's the scariest yet BEST part. That's where I find my growth the most as a photographer!
I can't wait to show y'all more as my internship goes on:-)