Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One.2.One Business day | Erin Rachel Photography I reflect over this day and journey with a friend I am amazed!
I absolutely, whole heartedly L.O.V.E. teaching and seeing people learn!
I want them to be successful in their life and business.
I am humbled at the fact that this gal, who has become a friend, would
let me spend the day with her teaching her all of the ins and outs
about a photography business. When I say all...I mean all that I know...I have
by NO means arrived. I am still learning DAILY and am loving it!

We started off the day at CC's Coffee House in Slidell digging deep
into Who Are You? What makes you tick? What do you like?
What do you not like? What do you love to do? Where do you love
to shop? What drives you? What is your favorite color? What are your
goals in life? When you look back over your life what do you want
to be said of you? What three words describe you? And yeh the list goes on!
Then the fun started...showing her where to pick out a color palette that
goes together, to fonts, to blogging ( favvvv past time!!!), to setting
up domain names etc.

We took a break and headed over to Sunrise on Second for some yummy lunch
and to continue "talking business" ha!
When you both love's so fun and super easy!
This is where we started talking about "the money". So we broke down her packages
and prices...only to find out she pretty much could work at Wal-Mart and make more!

This is when she drew all over her paper saying..."Wake-up Call"!!!
So now that we have some things in order I think she'll be making some money now. As well as knows how to base her pricing etc. This part made her happy!!

Before it decided to start raining on us we packed up and hit the streets on a photo session.
As a photographer you RARELY have nice pictures of yourself so as part of the day I wanted
to do a shoot of just her...she's so fun! Full of personality!!!

We wrapped the day up at Starbucks...yes had to get my fix!!!
Answering questions, talking about shooting techniques, making time for yourself
and not getting wrapped up in business all the time, staying organized, the affects of
blogging, outsourcing to save yourself time, giving back to others, the experience of a session/shoot from beginning to end, editing your pictures, software and yeh the list goes on! Fun stuff!

Thanks Theresa for an amazing day, filled with fun, getting to know you better, talking
what we love to talk about, seeing your business grow and I can't wait to see you take off even more!!!
My f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e.