Monday, February 8, 2010

life in the f.a.s.t. lane

Dear Blog...
I am so sorry that I have been missing a lot lately, I feel like I've left you hanging! I guess you could say I have. Last week was crazier than all get out! I told you about my amazing Monday that was spent with Theresa! Well that was just the beginning of that week.

There are few things about life that I just don't like and one of them is an alarm clock. Yes you heard me right an alarm clock!!! We are NOT friends! I had to actually set an alarm clock every morning last week because I had to be up at 6am to be on the road for 7am. I know I'm being whiney but I'm not used to it! So not only did I have to set an alarm clock I'm weird with the fact that I ALWAYS wake up before it actually goes off so I don't have to hear it!

Oh yeh and every night I actually picked out my clothes for the next day so all I had to do was wake up shower and go. No decisions, and in the life of a girl that is pretty serious stuff!
I had a lot of firsts last week, one being that I actually made my own coffee every morning instead of waking up to it already being made! Second I found myself at a gas station at 7:10am filling up with gas, then jumping back in the car to hit the road and listen to WWL to get traffic conditions! This was quite a change of pace of life for me.
I know I still haven't told you WHY I actually did all of that...the reason is I was teaching a music theory class at a music school in Covington.
That was a lot of fun! I'll have to grace you with
pictures sometime soon...yes I did take pictures!

Anyway then everyday I came home and taught
all of my students and pretty much lived a crazy life last week.

Another thing I can't wait to show you is I had an amazing photo session with one of my best friends on Sunday afternoon. She came down on Friday to visit and spend the weekend...we had a blast! Blog I think you're going to love her pictures:-) At least I think so anyway...
I had a great week though even though I kind of left you out of it. So sorry...I'm pretty much around from now on!
-Yours Truly