Friday, February 19, 2010

Julianne | Erin Rachel Photography

Wednesday morning of the internship we headed to Old Town Colorado Springs for a session!
It was up to me this time...I had the model, the camera, the flash and stand and I had to work magic!
Thankfully Julianne is awesome and a photographer herself. She felt my pain:-) Julianne and I met two years ago at PWP1 in Olympia, WA at a photography class. So it was great meeting up with her again!
The more I worked with the lighting it has become second hand to me...well almost should I say. It's def. more than setting a flash on the stand and firing it...way more believe me but it's amazing and fun! I love taking a shot and nailing the lighting! After the shot I look at the image and pretty much get ecstatic! Then I show the model and they do too!
Check out the images below-
Thanks Julianne for being an awesome model! You are fun, full of life, energy, amazing and beautiful. Thanks for the many laughs and friendship!


Sarah said...

Awesome, Erin! I am dying to learn OCF. It looks like so much fun. :) Glad you're pursuing such a creative outlet, and letting others live vicariously {ahem... me! lol}.


Leah Christine Imagery said...

Beautiful pictures of Julianne!

- Leah Cross