Thursday, December 3, 2009

If you had been there...

It would have been free entertainment:-)

Literally we should have had a videographer would have been great!
So the plans...
"Wilson" Family Christmas pictures ON Thanksgiving day.
After all that's the only day that everyone is together and not running
out the door right after dinner. Right?

So just picture this in your mind!
Beautiful scenery...beautiful sunlight...beautiful people that I LOVE!...but freezing cold weather!
My beautiful camera...set up on a tripod with the 10-second timer SET!
Yep I've checked the ISO, aperture and shutter speed...we are set!
I have everyone placed where we need to be...families together...the spot I'm going
to run to...
But let me mention...My awesome niece which is 16 months and my incredible
nephew all of 18 months old...Yeh 10 seconds in their world is a L-O-N-G time!
Very long let me say.
Even with puppets...a clacker thingy...a dancing on my way over to MY spot...nothing could make 10 seconds in
their busy world stand still.

So in between all of that I'm hearing....all about how it's cold...there's a car coming...
the ground is wet...and all of that stuff that I don't care long as we get a good picture!
I'll do anything for the picture right???
Well we were successful...
Yes we were...but
all that to say....
I can't show the pictures because they are for Christmas cards...and that would totally spoil
the card I have custom designed for my be delivered to your mail-box!
So here's a sneak peak...I really never get pictures of myself and I wanted one with my little niece and nephew...I had the camera set and in someone's hands with special instructions:-)
well...this pretty much sums up the "family" picture time!