Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Win a Free Session in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes for real!
Nothing is hidden in the "fine print" :-)

As I have been writing down a business plan/ goals for 2010 I began to look back
over this last year. I am amazed at how the Lord has blessed me with beautiful and
amazing clients:-) Wow!! I have so much to be thankful for!
I am sooo excited to see what lies ahead for me in 2010 and I want
you to be a part of 2010!!!

So as we jump into the next year I want to give something away!!
*A FREE session!

Here it is:

Count only this past year (Jan-Dec 2009)
1-Count the guys
2- Count the gals
3- A person should be counted ONLY one time
4- Includes Bride and Groom but excludes the wedding party
5-Slideshows do not count, only look at the pictures posted on the page
6- Excludes basketball teams, baseball teams and any personal posts
7- EMAIL me your count to

The first person to get the number of guys and the number of gals correct OR the person to come closest by Saturday Jan 2 at 10:00pm gets one *lifestlye portrait session FREE in 2010. $150.00 value.

Lifestyle portraits include:
Family Session
Just Because Session
Friends Session
Siblings Session
Baby Session
Toddler Session
I'm in love Session
Pretty much anything besides a Wedding or Senior Portraits!

PS A post is always better with a picture:-)
This is from my adventure in St. Francisville, LA...more to come:-)