Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Set Yourself Some Goals

I am such a goal setter it's not even funny!
Seriously I have daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, 5 years and lifetime goals...seriously I am driven by setting goals and checking them OFF of the list!
A year and a half ago I ran my first 5K!
Do I looovvee to run? No way...I set a goal and went for it...achieved it and completed it!
By the way, I also have a t-shirt to prove it hahahaha!!
So I set out for another 5 K this year...started training for it...one of my good friends Kimberly got in on the idea and we started exercising together and we set a goal
...achieved it and completed it!
We have had many good times together...
many interesting nights together exercising...including ME getting bit by a dog, thankfully it
didn't break skin and wasn't bad! We can laugh about it now!
I caught a few pictures of us with my iphone...so don't hate!
The half-way point is the best:-)
But the finish line is even better!
Not only are the memories there with a friend...
The accomplishment and fulfillment of achieving a goal!
I challenge you- set a goal- stick to it- achieve it- complete it!


Sara said...

way to go!! that is awesome!! goals are wonderful and acheiving them is even better!! me and my sister's along with a few friends set a goal this summer to do a sprint triathlon! we did it aug 1st!! it was an amazing sense of accomplishment! just set goal #2 which I am totally second guessing myself. skipped straight to the half marathon. crazy i know. feb 28th it will be do or die, again with my sisters!!