Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pousson Family | Erin Rachel Photography

So basically this session came down to the "natural" and the "unnatural" family pictures!
Please let me explain!
This was their terminology for pictures with just the family being "natural"...
and then having Michelle's husband David
jump in the picture included the "unnatural"...this totally cracked me up!
If that doesn't explain enough of the session...maybe this picture will sum it up for you.
This includes a "natural" son and an "unnatural" son!!!!
Totally hilarious:-)
Anyway onto the REAL post now! ha
See I've had the privilege of knowing the Pousson's
for many years now. Kyle and I went to school together...
Dr. Pousson was our dentist...
then several years later our families ended up at the same church...
families camped know friends.
Then they moved and the distance separated us and now they are back
and it felt like a big reunion!
I seriously have to say this next picture is one of the best family shots we got...
that is in my opinion!
I have to say we worked hard on this one, the way the sunlight was
shining through the trees around us...we had a ton of shadows!
All of that "hard work" paid off!
This next picture has a story behind it.
Quite a funny we had many laughs about it...
and just for the record
no we won't be using it for future family shots to add people:-)
I do love the angle...the light...and the natural look with it!
Michelle and dad...this happens to be one of my
favorites from this session.
I love the colors...the smiles...the love and the fun!
Dr. Pousson is going to be a grand-dad in about 8 months...
I think that's why the picture is so wonderful!
They are both beaming!!!!
Love it!
Another favorite:-)
The random humor kept us laughing during this session...
Thanks David and Michelle for goofing off!
Thanks for letting me be a part of this fun time!
It was sooo much fun and great to see y'all!!!!