Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two of my favorite things | Erin Rachel Photography

If you've been around me any amount of time there are two things you should know about me...If you haven't figured them out it's this
1- I adore my niece, Hannah & my nephew, Jeremiah
2- I love the little things in life

Well my niece and nephew are at such a fun age, they love each other, they love people, they have the cutest personalities and their "Auntie Erin" Loves them to pieces!
Last night we had our Christmas as a family, since we couldn't get
together tonight on the night before Christmas Eve like we always do!
Ever since our family started adding members about 3 years ago my parents
have always been great at giving and sacrificing.
They are always willing to be the ones to say hey
lets have Thanksgiving dinner around 3 so y'all can have your family time
as well as do what you have to do with your spouse's parents.
Even at Christmas it has become a tradition to do the family
time the night before Christmas Eve so it frees everyone up.
My parents are just "those" parents...always giving of time,
material things, love and joy. Which means I have to give as well
and I see that it's not always the easiest thing for them to do, yet they
always give.
I have to say they are the best!

Anyway this miracle of a picture is so them...Hannah is allll about "boh" aka as Jeremiah. We laugh because she
pretty much worships the ground he walks on and we say she's
going to have a melt down one day when she finds out she can't
marry "boh"!!!!!
We have no clue where she came up with that name for him!
Then he's always like oh my goodness seriously there she is again! haha

Last night we turned the lights out, lit the candles and passed around the Christmas story as each of us read a few verses. It's been our tradition since I was born and we use the same candle every year! We pray as a family and then open gifts.
My things have changed over the years and this year it was so
fun to watch my niece and nephew discover that opening presents was fun...
not seeing the toys just opening the paper.
My nephew kept saying "more"..."more"! priceless!

then seeing them fight over each others toys...

seeing the chaos with the parents trying to keep them out of
everyone else's presents...

Auntie Erin in the floor flying them on my feet playing airplane...

tickling them just to hear their sweet laughs...

Giving gifts and receiving gifts...

Having a mini photo shoot...

Not having time to really take many pictures because of the chaos!!!!

Having Christmas at my sister and her families house that they just built and finally moved in to...

Eating dessert before the meal...oh yeh that's the way we roll!!!! ha

thinking back on the blessings that God has given our family and looking forward
to what God has in store for our family in the coming year...

Hearing the kids run around the table chasing each other as the family
is sitting down to eat supper...

Just the little things in life...these are what you should cherish...memories!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!! Enjoy the ones you love and cherish the small things in life!