Friday, July 3, 2009


This trio can be summed up into one word
We met at Fairview Riverside State Park for the photo session. Photobucket
As I was driving to the photo session I was noticing the clouds were bubbling up and starting to get dark around us. I was praying hard for no rain! I arrived 30 minutes early and so did the gang! We got started right away and the weather was great...breezy, overcast, awesome lighting...oh yeh warm but not too hot!!
I love love the feel of this picture and their moods!!!
Seriously this is magazine material!!!
We had lots of fun!
I think they did great even though Mr. Baron wasn't too sure about this whole camera thing but he warmed up as you can see:)
pshh...can I say GAP model:)
Mr. Harrison is brave! He joined me to take some pictures first! We had a good time talking about Thomas the Train and as you can see he showed me how old he is!!
How often is it that we get to play in the middle of the road?!?!?!
As we finished up the sky was black and it looked like the bottom was fixing to fall out! AND as soon as we got in the cars it did!

I had a great time with these kiddos and I'm so glad I was able to have a session with them. Barrett and Baron are brother and sister and Harrison is their cousin!
They all got along sooo great and Miss Barrett sure was a trooper and helping me "sneak" some shots in there with the two boys:)
Thank you for your help Miss!!
Enjoy the slideshow:-)

PS I have to give moms two thumbs up on the outfits!!! I know most everyone worries about outfits and rightly so...well they totally rocked these:)