Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Granna!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday!
I wanted to say Happy Birthday and so did the grandkids:) :) :) Hannah and my mom's birthday is the same day! We are just celebrating two different times:)
I know everyone's mom is the best to them, but really I hate to tell you but my mom is the best:) hehe
The family got together...the girls cooked...the guys did dessert which meant we went to
Marble Slab!!! Fun Memories:)
Happy Birthday! We love you Granna!
I love her face here! It's like "please Auntie Erin do you have to take another picture!!!"


Dee said...

Oh how sweet! I have to agree you have a great mom.. I think she's right behind my mom when it comes to great mom's. :) Happy Birthday Mrs. Susan.