Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When Life is Crazy | Erin Rachel Photography

I just wanted to say HELLO!!!

You know those days...weeks...months when it seems life is super crazy and will never ever slow down...that's been my day!!
When I look at my to do list and I mark things off I feel accomplishment!
Then I add to my to do list and it seems overwhelming!
Then I look at my to do list and I think oh well it will all get done eventually!!
I have been working on a to buy list which is fun in some ways! In some ways it's not because I have to spend the money:) haha If you know me even a little bit you know that I am a huge money manager:) So you'll be informed when the new fun things arrive!!!

One thing I am still working on is my website. It is coming but it is coming slow! I was on a tele conference last night with Showit Web and for anyone that is looking for an awesome website you should check them out. BUT!!! They are letting you host a website for FREE! Yup for free of course there are some restrictions but oh my for starting out it is so worth it! Go check it out though!!
This is just a screen shot of my computer and what I'm working on...just a sweet little sneak peak!!!! My website is through Showit Web.

This weekend takes me to Destin, Florida to a beach get away with my family! I can only stay for 2 days but I'm still super excited. I have two photo shoots while I'm there so keep an eye out for those!


Christine said...

It won't let me go to the Showit Web thing...

Erin Rachel said...

It should be working now!
Sorry about that I don't know what was up with that!

Cait said...

ShowIt is the bomb. I'm working on my site with them too and I love it. The hardest part is deciding what I want my brand to look like on my website. But it's all great fun.

PS. past Sarah Barlow intern. :D

Sharon said...

Love your blog! This is the first time I have heard of ShowIt... very interesting. I am working with Photobiz... trying to find the time to get everything in order at the moment. :)

Sharon K.

Marissa B. said...

you inspire me. =)
love it love it love it!!! i just saw the free website promo on jasmine star's blog and downloaded. of course, mine won't be up for years to come but i wanted to fiddle around and see how it worked. so cool.

i wish i lived in MS so you could take my picture. haha.
hope you're doing well!

Rebecca* said...

Showit is awesome; I've been playing around with it too! CUTE blog. :D

Erin Rachel said...

Thanks everybody!
-Cait hello fellow intern:) I love your work btw!
-Sharon thanks for stopping by!
-Marissa I would love for you to come visit and let me do a photo shoot with you! You're welcome anytime!!!!
-Rebecca showit is awesome, no regrets:)