Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby Tyler- 9 Days Old | Erin Rachel Photography

There is nothing more precious than a newborn baby!
As I knocked on the door and grandma welcomed me...I met Tyler which
is all and more of a bundle of joy!
When Mom came around the corner she was nothing but smiles...
I met Dad and he too was nothing but smiles...talking to Tyler
in his many animated voices:-) So priceless!
Tyler is absolutely adorable and I know where he gets it from!
I met Rachel about a year ago, she is a piano teacher in Slidell/Mandeville and we
just hit it off! We judged a piano event together last spring, which then
led to having lunch and becoming friends!
When I found out they were expecting I knew Rachel would be a great mom!
When I went to their
house for Tyler's newborn session there was nothing more
than love with this family! Seeing mom and dad
holding and loving Tyler! They seriously couldn't
stop looking at their amazing miracle!

I couldn't believe Tyler was wide awake for most of the session!
He was so content just to be wrapped up and finding his fingers:-)
Tyler was born with amazing style! If you see his parents he has no choice:-)
Thanks to his grandma his room is absolutely adorable!
I think this is my absolute favorite! So precious, safe and content
in his mom and dads arms!
Congratulations on baby Tyler! I know y'all are going to be amazing parents!!!!!!
I am sure Tyler is becoming more and more amazing each day!!!
Thank you Rachel and Brian for letting me meet Tyler and capture memories for y'all!


Janel said...

Those are so precious! What a cute little guy! I can't wait to meet him. :) I love all the little burrito pictures. Congrats again, Rach!