Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Fun and Parties!

So its Christmas time,
which means it's time for
christmas music,
peppermint mochas,
putting up lights,
setting up Christmas trees {yes I have fake tree},
hanging each ornament that has a special memory tied to it,
walking around the house with your warm flannel pajamas until lunch time on your day off,
wrapping presents which in my opinion is a job and a half,
giving gifts,
sending Christmas cards out,
receiving Christmas cards and looking at pictures to see who has changed the most!,
fighting traffic,
seeing Christmas lights around town,
going to parties
and the best...HAVING PARTIES!!!!!
I love people...It's a passion I have in life and so this is right up my alley!
On Saturday night I had 40+ people at my house...well actually my parents house. Yeh I invited them all:-) We started by Christmas Caroling and then coming back to warm up with hot chocolate and to build gingerbread houses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fun Fun Fun!
For most of them this was their first time to go Christmas Caroling and to build Gingerbread houses...these kids are missing out on life! So I introduced them to some fun and memories!

This is my piece of art that I created...
I stayed up until 11:30 making mine after everyone left!
I used what little candy we had left over!
So fun!!! You might want to hire me sometime:-) ha
Take a close look-the chimney...the sidewalk, the trees, the yellow fence,
the windows and my cute little wreath!
I don't know if building the gingerbread houses was more fun or eating the candy and icing...
I love seeing the creativity!
Man it's amazing:-)
I mean seriously when you're handed:
1- a paper plate
2- an empty milk carton
3- 4 graham crackers
4- a cup of icing in a bag
5-pieces of candy
You can get some pretty amazing houses!
All of the work in prepping for this party and the clean up's so worth it!
I don't care if I had to mop the entire house to get the icing up off of the floor!
Seriously!!! I love it!
Only 13 more days until Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!