Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Speights Family 2009 | Erin Rachel

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the Speights family and to be able to have a photo session with them! They sure are a super good looking family but not only that, their family bond was quite amazing and fun to be a part of!
Isn't Destin awesome!?! The beaches are incredible, in my opinion:)
I so love this picture because it's super typical...Mom and Dad keep an eye on me and the kids are so intrigued and adventerous to what's going on around them!!! Gotta love it:)
A little heart melter for you...
Three generations...so special!
I love this one:)
Little Mr. Photogenic here:)
I love capturing these moments when the kids are playing and they have no clue you're snapping away!
Yep...I'm saving the best for last!
Cha-Cha, as she calls herself:) Isn't she beautiful? Seriously and the lighting here was incredible!
Anyway Cha-Cha wasn't too crazy about me at times but she finally warmed up to me towards the end. I loved the look on her face when I gave her the lollipop! She had the brightest eyes and biggest smile:)
Thank you Speights Family for letting me be a part of your Destin vacation:)
As always I have THE hardest time picking the pictures to post on the blog...so to sum it ALL up enjoy the slideshow.


Robyn Coulon said...

Incredible Erin, as always!!!

Teresa Frei said...

Hey Erin! These photos are AMAZING! If I could make a comment about all of them, I would! It looked like an incredibly beautiful day and their white clothes are great for extra effect with the white sand. Keep up the great work! You get better and better all the time!

www.xeniafoto.blogspot.com said...

hey Erin.. I am following you on your blog. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES of your family. I LOVE THEM!!!
especially the one in black and white.
how is everything else going?

Erin, follow your goals. You are so amazing!