Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good things are happening | Day 4

So what do you think of the new look on my blog??!?!?! I'm sooo excited. I wasn't going to change it BUT I figured now would be the time to totally freshen things. I'm so happy I did because today I found out I get a one-year subscription for a showit website FREE! That called for a happy dance:) I am super excited about adding this dimension to my business!
The layout on my blog isn't complete this is just the start of my design. ANNNDDDD...Guess what? I designed it "All by myself"! Pretty impressive huh! haha

Today the sun decided to peak out and shine on Nashville! It was a nice change from the last two days of dark clouds, wind and rain! I spent most of the day designing my blog and getting a jump start on my website!
We decided to get out of the "house" for a bit and took a walk across the street to Urban Outfitters where I got a few fun shots of some texture!
Xenia cooked an awesome dinner! That was sooo yummy! Thank you Miss Xenia!
Then we had a fun fun fun visitor Miss Jasmine aka "Jazz" drop in for a visit! She had dinner with us...she stepped out on the balcony to the beautiful sunlight which happened to be so perfect so we all grabbed our cameras!
When there is a house full of girls that are all photographers someone ALWAYS has a camera and snapping away!! Fun stuff for sure!
What a fun day for sure! I am suuuupeeerrr excited about my website that is up and coming! I will definetly let you know when I launch it! We might just have a surprise that comes with it!!!!


robyn said...

Erin, everything is looking soooo good! We are having so much fun sitting back and watching God do such an awesome work in you girl!!! We love you, The Coulon's.

Xenia Berg said...

good job erin!!!!

I am so excited for u-for your new design, new ideas and inspiration. keep going. :)

Dee said...

I'm so glad you are having a great time. It looks like if nothing else this trip is giving you time to focus on your business without much interruption. Can't wait to see the finished product of your new website. God Bless, Dee