Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lockwood Family 2009

I was super excited to have a change of pace with these gals! Girls CAN have fun:)
They were soooo much fun! The whole family was fun! and did I mention good looking:)
Can you tell we had fun?!?!?
I loved loved loved their props they brought along! They brought what they LOVE and that makes them who they are! From ipods to books to sunglasses to an artist note pad!
Mom and Dad! You are doing an awesome job with these girls! Keep up all of the HARD work! I love to work with families that have fun together...love each other and cherish one another! Thank you for a fun time!
Yes!! There's more on the slideshow, because it's simply too hard to pick my favorites and I can't post them all and I want you to see them all!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome job Erin!!! It has been exciting and inspiring to watch you branch out since IPS!!! Sarah

Roxie said...

LOVE the pics of my fam. Thanks.