Monday, June 15, 2009

The Intern's in Nashville!!!

So today started the first day of the internship in Nashville, TN with
Sarah Anne Photography.
I arrived last night right on time with a safe flight! All of us girls met and hit it off! This is the view from Sarah's condo...a perfect skyline view of downtown Nashville. (picture compliments of Katelyn)
We started off the first day on a little slower pace...breakfast...a run...getting to know each other session...then our first project began with the question of Who are you? It was hard to actually put those thoughts on paper...then onto Why do you do what you do? What drives you? What makes you different? What's your definition of success? What is your Purpose in Life? What is your vision in life? What are the top 10 most important things to you? What are the top 5 character qualities you value? That was pretty tough believe it or not!!
We topped the afternoon off with a yummy dinner at Urban Flats. This was my first time here and it was oohhh so yummy:) Then we topped it off with a chocolate fondue fountain...delicious!!
Megan, Katelyn, Sarah,Xenia, Me and Cassidy!

Anyway I am here in Nashville for 10 days so there will be plenty more to blog about! I will be responding to emails and phone calls! So feel free to contact me if you need to!


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

that's great! Sarah is awesome!!! you're gonna learn so much from her!